In China, province of Dahua lives a strange boy named Nong Youhui. From early childhood his father was concerned about his son’s eyes, because they were not black like in most Chinese, but green-yellow, as in wild cats, and sometimes blue. But the most interesting thing about this boy is that his eyes glow in the dark like a cat.

The father took his son to a clinic where doctors thoroughly examined this unique case. They found out that Nong can read in almost in complete darkness, and the clarity of his vision is the same as other people. Doctors explain this phenomenon as a rare congenital pathology, which is known as leucoderma. One manifestation of this disease is the lack of protective pigment in the retina, which increases sensitivity to light.

“Doctors told me that with time the boy`s eyes will turn black like in most Chinese people. But this did`t happen” – father said