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Cell phones Operating System was not really important for people at the time of Father Nokia and Old Motorola Handsets, but now it is an emerging market. Most of the cell phones now become successful because of their operating systems because mobile phone OS now have a lot of features and applications to entertain the user that one cannot just imagine. It is the important of cell phones OS that have made Nokia to switch from Symbian to Windows OS.

Everyone argues on which is the best Operating System for cell phones? Some say Android is the best while others say that Windows OS is the best. However, the BB users and iPhone users say BB OS and iOS is the best. Everybody is free to give their opinion but the truth is Android is now covering most of the market, especially the smartphones industry. Android is capturing more than 50 percent of global cell phones market and it is still growing. The Open-source Operating System with extraordinary applications and features is really attracting a lot of people. Not to forget Android is Google’s product and Google is one of the best companies of the world.

Apple’s iOS is also attractive and has managed to capture a huge market share but the only problem with it is that it is a closed source operating system and is only limited to Apple’s own devices. It means only iPhone users can get benefit from this operating system. Android beats Apple iOS in this regard. Most of the Motorola, HTC and other famous cell phone manufacturers are using Android OS for their phones and people simply love it. A person using a Motorola handset using Android OS can buy an HTC smartphone and still use the same OS.

Windows OS was once considered an amazing Operating system for cell phones but its market share has reduced a lot after the launch of iOS and Android. Well Microsoft have announced to introduce Windows Mango OS to compete iOS and Android and have promised to introduce a lot of new features and Apps but only time will tell whether it will give some competition to iOS and Android or not.

The increasing users of Android OS worldwide have made Apple to rethink about bringing major changes in their iOS and that is why Apple have announced to launch a new operating system called iOS 5 Golden Master. This Operating system will have more than 200 features and apps to attract people. The iCloud, iMessage and Facial Recognition apps are the most awaited of all. iOS 5 Golden Master will be pre-installed in the upcoming 5th generation iPhone known as iPhone 5. The update will also be available for other Apple devices including iPad and iPod touch.

All the above discussion means that the race of becoming the best Operating system for cell phones is still on and OS manufacturers are still trying their best. The launch of iOS 5 Golden Master and Windows Mango OS could change the figures but till date Android is on top and captures most of the market share.